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Hi! Welcome to my shop!

Meet the Artist:
Brittany Ann Sibert (BAS).

Full time owner & artist of Bas-Art.
I live in Fort Myers, Florida & I am 23 years old.
I met my high school sweetheart Justin at 15 years old & we are now getting married in February of 2019! 💍 We own a cute townhome together & living as happy as can be with our fur babies!🐾

At 13 years old my uncle (only 29 years old) was diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to help so I took my beginners jewelry kit I received as a gift & created jewelry to sell to help him, his wife & two little girls. Little did I know playing around with pliers & some beads that it would take off the way that it did! My jewelry was for sale at 3 local businesses (Hair Philosophy, The Mole Hole & Eyetopian Optical). Word got around quick that I was creating jewelry for my uncle & his family, & the fireman started letting me set up around holidays & sell my jewelry at a couple of local stations! I was also shipping jewelry around the country! I was so honored that I was able to help out & make a difference so young. I mainly worked with swarovski crystals, leather, & sterling silver. But with a heavy heart he did pass a year later... I tried to keep going with “Britts Hand-Made Jewelry” by donating to a fireman with cancer & various local charities.💙 But as I grew older & got more involved in school & sports, I no longer had the time unfortunately.

I eventually developed more into fine art- paintings, drawings etc. High school is where I really started taking my art seriously. I graduated from Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts as a visual art major in the National Art Honor Society. (Art nerd... yes I know!) 👩🏼‍🎨

I won 3 scholarships from my art my senior year & went on to Florida Southwestern. While taking classes I worked as a coordinator at TJ Maxx as well as a repair liaison at Jared; The Galleria of Jewelry... no surprise that I fell in love with working with jewelry! I worked there for a little over 2 years & moved on from both jobs to work for a smaller privately owned local jewelry shop, as well as trying to get Bas-Art up & off the ground! I worked out of our spare bedroom, I created an Etsy shop, worked endlessly to build up a good inventory, signed up for craft fairs & Bas-Art hit the ground running! Although passionate about both jewelry & my art... I had to choose, so I followed my dreams (so super scary but it was by far the best decision! ) ✨

1 year later I’m still managing Bas-Art full time, we did upgrade in case you were wondering instead of bas art being in our tiny spare bedroom, we switched (I have an amazing fiancé y’all) & now I have our lusciously big master as bas arts “studio”. 😂 But just wait I have big plans for bas art & hope to have my own little shop some day! 🤞🏻💕

I am so beyond grateful for everyone’s love & support! If you’d like to continue to follow our journey, check us out on Instagram! @bas_arts 🌻

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Bas-Art!💕

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